Having never played a musical instrument in my life other than a mandatory recorder from my school days, the thought of picking up a musical instrument filled me with both fear and excitement. The former restricted the latter from ever happening until a recent visit to Hawaii inspired me to learn the Uke. 

After a few classes, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to make a controlled sound from the instrument. Tim's classes are fun and the music is both enjoyable and educational. Despite what seems like a rather steep learning curve at times, the outcome definitely pays off in the long run. I now feel entirely at ease (perhaps other people around me don't) lifting a Uke and playing the instrument.

I would thoroughly recommend attending these classes as a fun way to get to know playing an instrument as well as lightening up the week.

Alan Fraser. Compete Beginners & Beginners2


"I started playing the ukulele about 2 months before I started Tim's Absolute Beginners ukulele Class, so I had a basic understanding of what to expect in the class. I had no musical background before playing the ukulele. The class not only discussed how to play the ukulele, but also a basic understand of how the music is read. The gradual progression of the lessons made it easy to keep up with the work, but also challenge myself. I've already signed up for the Beginner's 2 class and I am enjoying the challenge." 

John Goya. Complete Beginners Course


I have played a lot of music as a teenager having completed grade 8 on the clarinet and grade 2 on the piano.  Not having played music for a while, I wanted to go back and learn an instrument that was completely out of my comfort zone (stringed instrument) and after a holiday in Hawaii and a ukulele as a souvenir (!) my partner and I decided to take up ukulele lessons.  My other reason for wanting to learn the ukulele, was that I wanted to play and sing at the same time.  I have tried to learn the guitar in the past but with just 4 strings, the ukulele has proven much easier.

Tim's teaching really got us up to speed very quickly and to a point where we were able to play the basic chords and strum a tune.  At the end of the first term, I was really chuffed with how much we had learnt and how far advanced our playing had got.  The weekly lessons are varied and fun and as they are held above a pub, it's a really relaxed atmosphere.

The ukulele is a fantastic instrument for anybody to learn whether they have a lot of musical knowledge or not because it's just so much fun.

Heidi.  Complete beginners


Reference from a parent regarding their son's tuition which started at the age of  7 years

"Tim has taught our son Charlie for about 3.5 years, and I can genuinely say that he has made a real contribution to his development as a musician, culminating in him winning a coveted choral scholarship to a leading private school.

Tim's teaching goes over and above normal instrumental tuition. He explores harmony and composition and gives his pupils a real understanding of music theory. The main reason that Charlie succeeded in his choral audition was his ability to pick out chords, and this will have been aided greatly by Tim's ukulele tuition.

In terms of the instrumental teaching itself, his enthusiasm and organisation, along with the broad repertoire that he teaches, makes his lessons very attractive to young people, and encourages them to practice. Using the ukulele, Charlie won the all-school talent competition at his primary school twice in a row (the second time as both a soloist and group member in both categories), both playing his own and other people's compositions.

Charlie now sings, plays the trombone, the piano and the ukulele, and it is certain that his ukulele playing has had a positive influence on his musicality in general. What's more, the ukelele continues to be his favourite instrument and the one that needs the least encouragement to practice.

Kay and Dan. (parents of Charlie)

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