Intermediate Group starting WEDS Oct 3rd

There will be a NEW “Intermediate” course and is for anyone who already has experience of playing the ukulele for more than six months. The course will take place in a pub in Islington

This course will also be 10 two-hour sessions, and will cost £150 payable in advance.


This class is aimed at people who have been playing for six months or more and who can read uke tablature or music notation and want to develop their playing

The class will start where the Beginners2 ends but will move on to including more advanced solo ukulele pieces, improvisation, learning songs by ear, changing the keys of songs, more complicated right hand strums and more advanced use of uke tablature etc

Teaching a workshop with more advanced players is more difficult as people are at different stages and are more interested in pursuing their own musical tastes. To deal with this the first session will include a discussion of what people want eg how much learning from notation and how much by ear, how much by rote (being told where to put your fingers) and how much by working things out for yourself using your ear and appropriate knowledge of music theory. How much people want to learn in a week will be discussed as people vary widely in this respect in how much time they can put in to practicing. Ideas for songs or pieces you are particularly interested in can be put forward at this stage and if you are interested in particular techniques and strums. (I do not teach George Formby style however, except for one or two strums) On this basis a curriculum will be agreed and given to participants.

Advanced solos will be taught over a four week period to give people a chance to learn them thoroughly while other songs and pieces are also being looked at to maintain interest so there will simple stuff being learnt and more difficult pieces at the same time.

Music theory is kept to a minimum and is only given to solve practical problems like being able to change key in a song or to improvise. Generally I would say the theory is far less than what you need to pass a driving test!



This course will also be 10 two-hour sessions.It is payable in advance £150 for the whole course including all music. It may have up to 15 people in it. If you want to book a place please email me and send a deposit via bank transfer or a cheque for £30 (with the name of the student on the back) made out to: :

Tim Flitcroft
Unit 32
7-15 Greatorex St
London E1 5NF

Please pay the balance at the first session. When I receive your email I will email you a confirmation of your place. The time and date of your email will determines priority to the earlier booker in the event of over subscription.


In the event of the workshop not taking place for any reason the money will be fully refundable. If however you book a place and do not take it up the deposit is non-returnable.


At present this class takes place in a pub in Kentish Town


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