Terms and conditions

You may swop between different levels of workshops if you find they are not suitable for you. Also if you have a change of circumstances and can not make the workshop times, subject to mutual agreement I will exchange two workshop sessions for one individual one hour lesson.


Sometimes the workshops can not take place due to illness or other factors in which case I will extend the term by a week or if it is not possible add an extra session at a weekend or in the week.

The venue of the workshops changes from time to time but usually remains the same for the duration of a term however it can change without notice. The venue will always be in central London and as convenient for public transport as possible.

The cost of the course is kept very low as the venues have been free but if a free venue is not available I reserve the right to use a venue which does charge and this would probably cause the course fee to be raised in the region of 15-20%.

All my musical material and arrangements are purely for educational use within the workshops and not for performance elsewhere. (unless with permission)

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