The Next Steps course is for anyone who already has experience of playing the ukulele for more than three months. This group mainly works on songs and different forms of accompaniment. Students are encouraged to suggest songs they would like to do. The emphasis is on having fun with songs the group can sing along to.


This is a continuation of the Complete Beginners course but is also for those who can play ten or so basic chords already and a few strums


Explanation of movable chord shapes and barre chords in Major, Minor and Seventh shapes

Use of Voicings to create variety in song accompaniments

The ability to change between different strums within the same piece

More complex strums and fingerpicks including the Three Strum roll and the Rasgaudo

Use of riffs and fills to make more complex accompaniments

Various ways of playing solo pieces so as to play melodies and chords at the same time




About 20 songs and pieces are learned in the course. More difficult pieces being learned over a number of weeks. Some songs are well known such as Teenage Kicks or California Dreaming but some of the pieces are Hawaiian or traditional songs and may be less well known. The course also includes contemporary songs - from Lily Allen to Radiohead, and from Jason Miraz to Paolu Nutini and Eddie Vader - special attention being paid to how to make them come alive on the ukulele.


This course will also be 10 two-hour sessions.It is payable in advance £150 for the whole course including all music. It may have up to 15 people in it. If you want to book a place please email me and send a deposit via bank transfer or a cheque for £30 (with the name of the student on the back) made out to: :

Tim Flitcroft
Unit 32
7-15 Greatorex St
London E1 5NF

Please pay the balance at the first session. When I receive your email I will email you a confirmation of your place. The time and date of your email will determines priority to the earlier booker in the event of over subscription.

In the event of the workshop not taking place for any reason the money will be fully refundable. If however you book a place and do not take it up the deposit is non-returnable.


At present this course takes place in Kentish Town

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